Jan. 18th, 2013

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I thought this was a hoax at first. But it appears to be real!

I present you with the Chinese Water Deer:

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Sigh. Have to say I am not even slightly surprised:

This is a real weakness in medical research, and the nature of the publication process means that it's hard to overcome. The truth usually comes out eventually, but it takes WAY too long.

Part of the problem may be that eating fresh fish does help, but when you extract the oil and put it in a capsule, you lose the effect.

In the meanwhile, a bit of (ahem) "man to man" advice: not even otters like it when you take fish oil.

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"My point is that we are all pharmaceutically-compromised now. From SSRIs to Adderal, from Xanax to taurine and caffeine energy drinks, it's harder and harder to draw very clear lines between what chemicals are illicit and what chemicals aren't. We don't begrudge injured athletes drugs that alleviate pain and speed recovery. And the distinctions between preventing pain and improving performance will become harder to maintain."

I agree. The consensual use of drugs doesn't bother me, but the way things like this become effectively mandatory, as automobiles have, concerns me a lot:

The pharmaceutical path to superworkers

Is science phasing out sleep?

I use Adrafinil occasionally, which is similar to modafinil, since it opens up new possibilities, such as staying up after midnight. But I don't enjoy it. I like sleeping. It would be terrible if that were taken from me.

Like so many things, it's great when you have it, but it's hell when everyone else does.


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