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Gosh, it's been nearly ten years of writing here on LJ, and for a good while I've considered myself an LJ diehard, but the juice just isn't flowing anymore.

It's a couple of things, one being engagement, the other laziness. G+ seems to have captured me on both fronts. G+ is very action-oriented, it's got my phone buzzing all the time, it gets my fingers flying. And it's easy.

I do like being able to control the layout of photo-heavy posts using html, but posting straight from Picasa to G+ is so quick and straightforward that it's hard to muster up the energy to do anything else.

G+ has many serious annoyances but ultimately what I write and where I write it is not really a conscious decision. Either it spews forth or it doesn't. G+ is where it's spewing right now, warts and all. The annoyances are kind of a big deal, and there are definitely subjects I would write about here but not over there, but still it's not enough to turn the whole ship around again.

The thing that tears me up is that poll I did a while back indicating that nearly all of you would rather read my work here than over there. I can re-post over here but something about that process feels kind of deadening. And it's hard to catch up once I get behind on that. So I've ended up feeling kind of "virtually homeless", so that no venue feels quite right. And I am left wondering if I have put too much time into it in the first place. Am I getting anywhere or just writing the same things over and over with different details? That's how it feels sometimes.
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