Apr. 4th, 2013

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This year's "Queer Biker Trash" campout is scheduled for the weekend of May 24-27 on our property near Ukiah. This is somewhat later than previous years, and for the first time is on Memorial Day weekend.

Same deal as usual. We'll be providing hot meals and a keg, BYO if you want wine or hard alcohol. There will be a day run on Saturday, and Saturday night we'll be firing up the wood oven and making pizza. Sunday night we will have Chinese food made using the new wok range. There will be a campfire each night, IF burning is not suspended by then. (On the plus side, if it's too dry for a campfire, it will be warm enough we won't need one!)

Bring your own tent and sleeping bag. We have more indoor bed space available than in previous years, including one queen bed, one double, a single futon, indoor floor space, and floor space in the garage – let us know if you want something with a roof, preference will be given to those with special needs. There is no fixed run fee, and nobody is turned away for lack of funds. But we appreciate a donation of $20/night to help cover costs.

The road up there includes a 1.5 mile unpaved section, which has proven a bit hazardous for novice riders. It’s not as bad as the road at Badger Flat, there’s just more of it.

If you wish to come, please respond to tony@rakko.org and let me know when you plan to arrive and leave, and let me know if you're bringing a car or riding your bike. Directions and any last-minute details will be mailed out to attendees in early May.


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